Jemstep: On Track for Major Product Launch

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First off I’d like to thank our beta testers for taking the time to follow Jemstep and take our groundbreaking product for a trial run. We are pleased with the level of participation and the quality of the feedback. Keep it coming. If you haven’t yet had a chance to create a free account, you can do so easily from our website at

Now that we have reached the private beta milestone, I thought it might be a good time to summarize our achievements so far, and to share some of the excitement about where we are headed over the next few months.

Today investors are using Jemstep to rank the universe of over 18,000 mutual funds to see which funds are the best fit for their financial objectives. Barrons Online described us as “Morningstar meets eHarmony”, and that’s not far off: answer a few questions, and Jemstep pinpoints the funds that are the best fit for your preferences.  This forms the core of our current private beta website, and users are already benefiting from this functionality:

  • Second guess your broker: if your broker or wealth adviser recommends a particular fund, it takes less than five minutes to check it out on Jemstep to see if it meets your needs or whether there are other funds that are better suited to you;
  • Upgrade your dogs: if you already own a portfolio of funds, rank your funds on Jemstep and quickly evaluate what better alternatives are available;
  • Find your # 1: if you’re simply looking for the best mutual fund for your hard earned cash, Jemstep will show you the #1 fund in any asset class based on your preferences.

The power of Jemstep is demonstrated, for example, in the quick comparison analysis we performed on Zacks Top Five Growth Mutual Funds.

So what’s next?

On the investment product front we are in the process of adding exchange traded funds (ETF’s) and stocks are next in line.

At the same time, we are building a total solution to address the key challenges investors face in making smart financial decisions.  Here are some of the new developments in the pipeline:

  • Account aggregation: as a result of our partnership with CashEdge, users will be able to import all their account data into Jemstep giving them the ability to see and manage their entire portfolio in one place, irrespective of which and how many brokerage houses they use. This will enable users to instantly evaluate how funds in their portfolio are performing against our rankings, and whether they should be selling the poor performers and upgrading to better alternatives.
  • Goal creation and tracking: Users tell us what their investment goals are and Jemstep shows them – among other things – what their target asset allocation should look like in order to have a better chance of meeting their goals. Users will be able to track whether they are on target to meet their goals or what financial adjustments they need to make.
  • Portfolio optimization: Our technology will guide users in how to optimize their portfolios including which funds to buy or sell within each asset class in order to meet their target allocation. Users are also shown when and how to re-balance their portfolios, ensuring they maximise their chances of meeting their investment goals – whether it be retirement, a home purchase or whatever custom goal they may set for themselves.

These elements should add great value to investors and will be made available once they are ready for release.

And that’s all my partners are letting me reveal for now, but you’ll see that –  far from simply ranking funds – the product roadmap includes a deep and comprehensive solution for investors looking to make better investment decisions. More will be revealed as we progress, and I am thrilled at the direction our offering is taking.

And then?

A number of these enhancements will be introduced when Jemstep is launched into public beta. From that point we’ll be adding further verticals to our product line-up to help you with some of life’s most important decisions. We’ll also be looking to address the interest we have received from other parts of the world, and hope to bring the power of Jemstep to those communities in the not too distant future.

If you aren’t already active in the Jemstep community, I urge you to participate in our various forums including on Twitter and Facebook, in which we keep you updated  on our blog posts and Weekly Market Summary, and offer up some interesting insights on our Facebook discussion board. To become a fan on Facebook or to follow us on Twitter, simply click on these links.

Once again, thanks to our beta users. Please continue to send us all your comments – whether good or bad. Your feedback is crucial in helping us make Jemstep a world-class Internet application that is accessible and beneficial to all.

Yours sincerely
Michael Blumenthal
President & CEO
Jemstep, Inc.

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Michael Blumenthal is CEO and founder of Jemstep. Michael is a former stockbroker, entrepreneur, and corporate executive, but it was his experience as an investor that informed his vision for empowering ordinary investors to make better decisions and led to his founding of Jemstep in 2007.


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