Infographic: Where to Get Investment Advice – Investment Advisor vs Broker

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When deciding where to get investment advice and who to trust, it pays (literally) to consider the different types of investment advisors. Professionals providing investment services come in different shapes and sizes. And it can be unclear from their labels which will be the best source of investment advice for you.

To help you find the best option for you, we’ve illustrated below how differences between registered investment advisors and brokers can affect you and your investment goals.

Keep in mind that an online financial advisor like Jemstep is a more affordable alternative to both RIAs and brokers, offering free investment advice with the same commitment to your interests as a traditional RIA.

Where to Get Investment Advice - Investment Advisor vs Broker


Tell Us…Where do you get investment advice?  Investment advisor or broker?


Get free investment advice online with Jemstep’s personalized guidance that matches your best interests with fund recommendations that fit your goals and preferences.


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