Manage Your Retirement in 4 Easy Steps

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Most people are concerned about having enough money in retirement. But for many, investing for retirement seems too complex or intimidating.

Investing for retirement doesn’t have to be complicated, and we at Jemstep would like to take a moment to let you know how Jemstep can help.

We’ve developed a new online investment management service, Jemstep Portfolio Manager. This new flagship product gives all investors, no matter how much money or investing experience they have, the high-caliber, personalized guidance that has traditionally been available only to wealthy investors. And it allows them to manage and optimize their retirement savings in four easy steps.

First Jemstep gets to know your personal situation and your investing preference.
4 steps for saving

Then Jemstep analyzes your current portfolio, tells you what you are on track to have when you retire, and provides you with a recommended asset allocation—the ideal mix of assets to optimize your earnings without undue risk.
4 steps for retirement savings

Next Jemstep gives you a detailed action plan with specific recommendations on what to buy, sell, and hold using our patented investment evaluation technology that helps investors minimize taxes, reduce fund fees, and select top-quality investments.
retirement savings

Over time, Jemstep Portfolio Manager will also make sure you stay on track, watching for changes in your profile, your portfolio, and the market and alerting you when it’s time to rebalance or change investments.

Jemstep Portfolio Manager gives you the personalized attention you’d expect from a private wealth manager, combined with patented investment evaluation technology capable of far more research and analysis than any human advisor. It uses proven strategies and analytics used by institutional money managers to maximize your retirement nest-egg without incurring undue risk.

In fact, Jemstep’s model portfolios have been back-tested against the S&P 500’s performance over 14 years, and all delivered higher returns with significantly less risk.

Visit to sign up.  Free 7-Day Trial available.

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Suzanne Pallo is Senior Director of Marketing at Jemstep. Suzanne’s passion is in helping people live a more fulfilling life without the worry of finances. Her focus lies in providing advice and tips on ways to manage and grow your money more efficiently and effectively through technology.

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