Jemstep’s New Portfolio Manager Helps You Lock in More Money for Retirement

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Most people are concerned about having enough money in retirement. But for many, investing for retirement seems too complex or intimidating, and they’re uncertain if they’re doing the right thing with their money.

Investors have told us they’re eager for a service they can trust to tell them exactly what to do, step by step, to reach their goals faster and without undue risk.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Jemstep Portfolio Manager, the complete, powerful, easy-to-use retirement planning and portfolio management service for you, the individual investor– free for all investors until March 1, 2013.*

This new flagship product from Jemstep analyzes your current asset allocation, then designs an optimal allocation for reaching your retirement goals.


Then Jemstep Portfolio gives you a detailed, step-by-step action plan, telling you exactly what to buy, sell, and hold to create your optimal portfolio.


Over time, Jemstep Portfolio Manager will also make sure you stay on track, watching for changes in your profile, your portfolio, and the market and alerting you when it’s time to rebalance or change investments.

Jemstep Portfolio Manager gives you the personalized attention you’d expect from a private wealth manager, combined with patented investment evaluation technology capable of far more research and analysis than any human advisor. And it uses proven strategies and analytics used by institutional money managers to maximize your retirement nest-egg without incurring undue risk. In fact, Jemstep’s model portfolios have been back-tested against the S&P 500’s performance over 14-years, and all delivered higher returns with significantly less risk.

If you’re already a registered Jemstep user, log into your account soon and put Jemstep Portfolio Manager to work for your secure retirement.

If you’re not, there’s no better time to become a Jemstep user. Jemstep Portfolio Manager takes the complexity and anxiety out of retirement planning and enables anyone to invest with confidence. It takes just a few minutes. It may just be the best investment—of time—you ever make in your financial future.

*You will not be asked for payment information or charged for the use of Jemstep Portfolio Manager during the free trial period. You’ll be notified when the free trial period ends. At that time, you may choose to continue using the free service or upgrade to Jemstep’s premium service.

Visit to sign up for Portfolio Manager.

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About the Author

Kevin Cimring is an investment adviser representative, Joint CEO of Jemstep, a free online investment guidance and service that takes the complexity out of making investment decisions by using technology to evaluate and identify your best options, helping you achieve success and reach your financial goals faster.


One thought on “Jemstep’s New Portfolio Manager Helps You Lock in More Money for Retirement

  1. congrats to you and the jemstep team. I have been following your progress for a long time and this new service seems excellent.

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